Is Clash of Clans Addictive?

Clash of Clans has been a very addictive game since its release in 2012 and dominated most app stores. In the game, logging off means leaving your territory wide open for an attack hence top players stay glued to their screens anticipating for the right moment to raid.

The game has exciting and straightforward graphics and most importantly appealing to all ages. Due to its cartoony graphics, the game doesn’t seem violent by any means although it’s all about raids and wars by other clans. Many strategy games include complex graphics that can overload your brain and sometimes make the game less appealing.

In the game, you don’t want to lose therefore you will keep on attacking and attacking until you win all trophies. A fun game player will stay on the screen till late night, just doing clan wars for every opportunity they get.

Also, it is exciting as well as time-consuming to build fortified walls and constant upgrading the defense base. The utilization of gems scarcity makes keep the user on toes. It makes the user addicted since as they run out of gems, they will have to wait for the building to get completed.

The game has a fantastic balance between building a base and fortifying your defense while preparing the military to raid another base. Both individuals who love building and those who like war find the game worth to spend time. During the game, people feel like going back to monitor the building process or to collect valuable resources for the next attack.

Gemming will honestly waste the gems. It is wrong to gem for time to speed up the building. When pushed too much, you should gem for loot, like elixir and gold. Therefore, the best way to progress in your game is to save gems for a rainy day.

The more the builders, the higher the chances of surviving in the game. With max builders, you can upgrade five things at the same time and still speed other factors like the clearing of trees while enhancing your defense.

The shield is supposed to protect your clan for outside raids for a specified period. Attacking another village while you shield is active breaks it, increasing the chances of losing trophies.

Clash of Clans is really an exciting game that revolves around the idea of invigorating a base and defending it from any invasion from their clans raiding other clans and gaining enough resources to begin the whole process again.

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